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Aerial Surveillance & Imagery Services

Providing aerial surveillance & imaging services with our high tech professional remotely piloted drones.

Mad Dog Drones Drone Services

Drones are suited for a variety of functions including:

Surveillance services
Land & forest surveying
Sporting events
Tourist Resort Promotions
Exploring or surveying dangerous and remote areas
Special events such as sport, wedding, celebrations etc
Worksite evaluation, planning and surveillance
Police, Fire and Rescue Department assistive services
Real Estate promotion
Private functions, events and promotions
Search & Rescue services (infrared capabilities)
Wild life tracking (Not available for hunting purposes!)

Mad Dog Drones Imaging Services

Our broad, extensive collection of professional grade images, stock photographs and graphic elements designed and developed for software and online content developers.

Image formats available

Images can be provided in RAW format, jpg, tiff and a variety of other high-quality still and video formats.

Custom drone services

Custom flight services are available. We can provide you with unique images & video footage (live feed available) provided from our fleet of high quality, stabilized and reliable drones. Our pilots are licensed!

Booking drone service

Currently there are no openings for flights in 2023. To book our services, please contact Mad Dog Drones via this link.

Mad Dog Drones
Aerial Surveillance & Imagery Services

Demo videos: Video DPJB0020

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Welcome to Mad Dog Drones